Aedhon is the solo project of guitarist Marco Forlin, who is composing, playing all instruments and mixing.

Aedhon music is an impressionist painting, a collection of different emotions and impressions inspired by time flowing in a change of colours and seasons, and in particular by the powerful strength of spring.

The peculiarity of Aedhon music stands in the evolving, always mutating melody line, which leaves few space for refrains, as one idea fades and blends into another, similarly to a writer who tries to follow the images and dreams in his head and bring them to paper. Following emotions.

My first CD “A Bridge Across Time” is released! You can listen to it here, and eventually buy it by clicking on the link.

The CD is available on all major music web stores, including iTunes and Amazon.

Having played guitar for several years, Marco decided to start experimenting with a keyboard and got a good old Korg T2. It was after listening to Mike Oldfield’s “Light and Shade“, “Songs of the Distant Earth” and “Tr3s Lunas“, that he┬ádiscovered a new kind of melodic instrumental music, which could evoke deep emotions and let you travel with your mind.
Being an engineer he became also passionate about recording, mixing and sound synthesis, and then discovered synthesizer music (Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Amethystium) which further influenced his musical style.

The Aedhon project started right after a long inspirational experience in Finland, decisive for the whole concept, and blends all the influences into one singular instrumental vision.

“Technique is just a tool, not a goal. Conveying emotions is the goal.”

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